I’m happy to report that I have lost some weight since my first Wellness Wednesday post! I am down 4 pounds since I started paying closer attention to my eating habits a couple weeks ago. Not a lot of weight, but a step in the right direction for sure.

I’m having troubles, to be completely honest. I know that 4 pounds could be a lot more if I would be more disciplined. It’s hard, and to tell the truth, it’s not fun. Not fun at all.

Sometimes I wish I could be one of you skinny minnies who can eat whatever you want and still stay small and beautiful. But, I’m not and never will be. I just need to buck up and buckle down with my diet and incorporate an exercise routine.

Exercise is the hardest part for me. Being a busy mom of three and doing childcare, I’m lucky if I can brush my teeth by myself or use the bathroom alone…let alone find time to exercise! I’m looking for some advice. What do some of you other busy ladies do to incorporate exercise? I already get up at 5:30 each morning, so the thought of exercising earlier in the morning is a bit overwhelming. But, I’m honestly so tired in the evenings when the kids are all in bed, and exercising then isn’t too appealing either. Suggestions?

The following two items have been my best friends these last few weeks. Paired together, they make for a low-calorie, nourishing, and tasty treat. One slice of the toasted bread topped with one wedge of cheese has been my breakfast the last few days, followed later in the morning with a Green Smoothie.

Here’s to a successful week ahead, and more weight loss in the near future. Wishing you all a Well Wednesday!