Happy Friday!

This Friday’s post is a 2-in-1 post. It’s definitely one of my new favorites, and it’s also a post about a new decorative change in our home.

Today’s Friday Favorite: His and Her’s Workstations

Two years ago we re-did our Family Room to make it more conducive to reading, playing games, watching TV, homework, computer work, ect. We created and installed an L-shaped workspace, and we have loved it! We have all loved it so much, in fact, that it began to seem you had to take a number in order to be the next person to use it!

Both Tanner and I began to need the computer and workspace more often, and he asked if I would consider getting my own workstation. I kept saying no, as I didn’t want our family room to feel like an office with too many desks. But, it was really annoying to try and split our time on the computer. I began to consider it.

We finally agreed that having my own workstation would be nice, but my one and only request was that it had to be “pretty.” 🙂 The search began for a “pretty” desk. I found an antique buffet from the late 1920’s on Craigslist. I wondered if it would work as a desk, so we drove to Altoona to see it. I was in love from the moment I saw it! I had planned to barter with the man selling it, but upon seeing it’s condition, I knew the $100 he was asking for it was more than fair. He took immaculate care of this buffet!

I shined it with some furniture oil, added a chair I had found in a garbage pile a while ago (the chair just needed a bit of TLC and paint!), and added some “pretty” touches that I already had on hand. I love how it turned out! I love that is has plenty of storage, too. So, while it looks nice and pretty, it can still hold our mess of necessities. The BEST thing about his and her’s workstations is that Tanner and I can spend our evenings (after the kids are in bed) relaxing together while still getting our work accomplished. I love that our family room is the central hub of our house, and that we can all do our own thing while still being together in the same room.

Happy Friday, everyone! Our weekend plans are yet to be completely determined. I know it will involve some work on a current project (surprise, surprise!), and spending some time with family. Add several cups of coffee to that, and it sounds like a perfect weekend to me!