So very long ago I committed to physically recording 1,000 things for which I am thankful. In response to Anne Voskamp’s amazing encouragement and example, I called these posts “Multitude Monday.” Mondays were to be blogging days about thankfulness and joy.

Guess how many of those “Multitude Monday” posts I wrote? One little post. That’s it. šŸ˜¦

For a while, I kept my thankfulness items recorded in a little pink journal. I’m still encouraged when I re-read my list, but that list hasn’t continued. The busyness of life has taken me away from physically recording my blessings. I’m not saying we all have to physically write them down. However, I know that when I did, I was much more focused on my blessings, and the Lord used it to transform my heart and attitude.

So, today I’m trying again. It’s Monday, and I have a multitude of things for which to be thankful! Here we go!

*a husband who brings me coffee with cream in the morning.

*a bouncing baby boy who learned how to play “SO BIG!” and raise his chubby little hands when we ask him how big he is.

*A backyard to play with my kids on these unusually warm winter days we’ve had.

*A brother who knew I would enjoy the big ‘ol wooden crate he found. He lugged it home just for me!

*Internet access. Seriously, how did I look up information before Google and blogs?!

*Scented candles to make my house feel and smell cozy.

*A friend to cook dinner for me and a few other ladies on Friday evening. So fun!

*Life. It’s a gift, and I take it for granted so often. Praising God for another day to serve Him!