Yesterday we celebrated Jayda’s 7th Birthday! I still can’t believe she’s already 7 years old!

This post is devoted to you, my favorite 7 year old!

Throughout your entire life, God has been so evident in His workings. My pregnancy with you was quite complicated, involving bed rest and preparations for a very premature baby. Your doctors prepared Mommy for what it might be like to have a 1.5 to 2 pound baby in the NICU. Daddy and I were scared, but we trusted God with your precious life and we clung to His promises to give us comfort.

We were thrilled that I was able to carry you for almost 9 months! You were born 3 weeks early, and perfectly healthy! At 5 pounds 13 ounces, you were a little peanut, but you were perfect and amazing in every way. You were and still are the best Valentine present I’ve ever received!

You grew before our very eyes, and continue to do so.

My dear Jayda, you are growing up so fast! I am privileged to be your Momma, and I pray that you will always follow Jesus. I tell you every morning to “Shine For Jesus,” and I mean it with all my heart. Follow Him, and He will never let you down. I am so excited to see what God has for you in the future. I see so much potential in your life!

I know there are hard days…days when we’re tired, frustrated, or sad. It’s those days that we have to cling to Jesus and help each other through them. But, of course, there are fun days filled with laughter, tickles, reading, and playing. It’s those days that we rejoice in His goodness and thank Him for every good gift.

I love you, Jayda Marie! I can’t wait to help you celebrate many, many more birthdays!