The following is a conversation that took place in the van yesterday between Nadia (4 years old) and the 4-year old boy I babysit, named Tanner. Made me SMILE!!

Tanner- “Nadia, do you like the Hawkeyes?”

Nadia- “Yeah, I like them. They’re the good team. I don’t like the bad teams. Our TV only shows the good teams.”

Tanner- “My TV shows the bad teams and the good teams.”

Nadia- “Those bad teams are bad because they don’t even believe in God.”

Tanner- “Yeah, I don’t like those bad teams.”

Nadia- “We do believe in God at our house, and that’s why we like the good teams.”

Oh, my stars! It was all I could do to hold in my laughter!!! I love those two, and I am always entertained by their sweet conversations.