Happy Friday, Everyone!

Once again, I’m glad it’s Friday. I thought last week was busy, but this week proved to trump last week’s busyness. Sickness has been running it’s way through our household, more so the last two weeks than ever before. Along with the doctor’s visits and pharmacy trips, I have tried to disinfect every surface of our house! On Monday my mom had surgery for the next step in her breast cancer battle. I’m so proud of her-she’s doing wonderful!!

Do you ever have days or weeks where you just need a good reminder of what’s really important in this life? That reminder came to me this week via a song that was sung at church on Sunday. It has spoken to my heart and challenged me immensely this week. That’s why it’s today’s Friday Favorite.

Please take a moment to listen to this song and soak in its message. I hope it will challenge and encourage you as much as it has me.