It’s Friday!!! It’s been a bit of a long and crazy week at the Archer household, and I’m thankful that Friday is here!

I’m going to try something new with my blog on Fridays…”Friday Favorites.” Each Friday I’ll post about something that I love, and why I love it. The reason for this is two-fold:

1) I always like to read about other things people have tried and like, so I thought this might be helpful to others.
2) It’s a good reminder to me of all I’ve been blessed with. From big to small, the blessings God provides are each special!

So, for today’s Friday Favorites…


About a year ago, I purchased my first set of these beauties. I had no idea I would love them as much as I do! While it has taken some getting used to, as there is a bit more care required with these than regular non-stick skillets, it’s totally worth it!

I cook everything in these…eggs, corn bread, biscuits, stews and soups…pretty much everything. I truly think the case iron makes things taste better. Grilled cheese in my cast iron is much crispier and tasty than ever before!

These are not expensive, and are available locally at WalMart and in the camping section at Sportsman’s Warehouse. The only annoying thing about them is that you have to season them after each use to truly keep their non-stick abilities. The times that I have forgotten to season them have made my food stick at the next use. But, I’ve gotten used to that extra step now, and it’s no big deal.

Anyone else use and love cast iron?

Happy Friday, everyone!