I love how something can be new to me, yet so old and full of patina and character at the same time. Take for instance, the following old oil filter I found on my recent trip to an antique shop:

What do you think of when you see this? If you’re like my mom, you’d think of the Tin Man: 🙂

Thoughts of the Tin Man were not on my mind that morning when I saw the oil filter, though. 🙂 My thought was, “This would make a really cool pendant light!” With the help of my wonderful husband, we wired the filter, and then I tediously wrapped the chord in jute twine to make it more visually appealing than a plain chord. The finished product looks really cool in the corner of our dining room.

Sorry, the picture is a bit fuzzy. I was trying to contain my wriggly little boy in my arms while snapping the picture!

Coupled with the new green table my mother-in-law generously offered to me, I am loving this corner of our dining room! It’s perfect for entertaining, and I can’t wait to serve some holiday goodies on this buffet table.

This project was super cheap, super easy, and super fun! We’ve actually got another lighting project up our sleeves…stay tuned. If it works like we’re hoping it will, I’ll post pictures as soon as it’s done!

Enjoy the remainder of the weekend, everyone! Blessings!