A couple weeks ago, my family had the privilege of walking the 5K Race For The Cure in Des Moines. This was the first year I’ve done it, and I was honored to walk in celebration of my mom’s brave fight against breast cancer.

Isn't she beautiful?! So proud of her!

It was more of an emotional day than I expected it to be. I was overwhelmed by how many people were walking with signs saying “In Memory” of a loved one. Oh, how thankful I was that my mom was able to walk along side my daughter as I captured this picture. Hand in hand with Jayda, and in great health, my mom made me very proud!Mom, I know I don’t tell you enough that I love you and I’m so proud of you! You’re a fantastic woman to look up to, and I am eternally grateful for you. Your fight against breast cancer has not been an easy one, but you have taken each step with great bravery and courage. Your love for and dependance upon the Lord has been so evident through it all, and I’m deeply challenged by that. Thank you for letting God use your life to touch many others. I love you!!

We love our Mom!!!


My FAVORITE guys!!!

Apparently, the 3-mile walk was a bit too much for Tony!!

This last picture is worth more than gold to me…my mom snuggling my kiddos after she walked down the “Survivor Lane” at the end of the race. Words can’t really begin to express how full this makes my heart. Psalm 145:8-“The Lord is gracious and full of compassion.” WHAT JOY!!!!