My husband reminded me last night that it’s been over a month since I’ve blogged. Oh, yes, I have a blog…thanks, dear, for the reminder! 🙂


One of these days I’ll update it with some fun ideas I’ve had rolling around in my noggin. But, in the meantime, I’m keeping busy doing the following:


-wiping runny noses
-changing poopy diapers
-helping with homework
-cleaning out flowerbeds to prepare for winter
-cooking comforting fall meals
-trying to lose this stinkin’ pregnancy weight
-shopping for a new floor for our house
-coming up with new ideas to keep my childcare kiddos occupied this winter
-researching vaccination information
-starting to think of homemade baby food ideas
-playing tooth fairy for all Jayda’s lost teeth
-imagining with Nadia
-watching my baby boy grow before my very eyes
-planning for the holidays

The list goes on and on. Although this season of my life is super busy, I’m LOVIN’ every minute of it! Thank you, Lord, for the many blessings! Enjoy some of the most recent pictures of three of those blessings:

He is getting SO BIG! I love all his baby chub!

Such a busy little monkey!


She's mastering the monkey bars, and so proud of herself!


Hiking on a beautiful fall day.