I love to decorate.

I love free stuff.

What I love most is decorating with free stuff.

Remember an older post I did about the playhouse we bought? The thing was practically falling apart in places, but we bought it and moved it here anyway. The decking boards on the front were rotten, and as Tanner went to throw them in the garbage I kindly asked him to store them in the shed…I was certain I could do something with them. As he rolled his eyes at the thought of my crazy decorating ideas, he did nicely stack them in our shed. Thanks, Honey!! 🙂

A couple weeks ago I knew what I wanted to do with them. I wanted to use them as art on our wall, and hang our clock on them. Here’s the finished product:

Total Cost: $0

I love the rustic feel it gives to the room, and I love that it cost me nothing aside from a little bit of time. So, if you have old junk you’re going to throw away, save the garbage man a trip and give me a call! 🙂