Titus is sleeping really well at night, which means I’m getting more rest, and sooooo…I’m back at it with the ‘ol decorating around here! I know, I know, you’re all surprised, right?! 🙂

My latest project was playing “musical lights” with our kitchen and dining room lighting. The nasty old fluorescent light in our kitchen FINALLY quit working! We had a ceiling fan in our dining room, and so we moved that into the kitchen. I REALLY wanted a chandelier above the dining room table, but everything I had found was just too expensive. A friend of mine generously offered their old chandelier they had just taken down from their dining room. I saw potential in it, despite the fact that it was rather ugly in it’s shiny brass state:

One can of spray primer, and two cans of grey spray paint, and I think it looks LOVELY in our dining room! I couldn’t be more thrilled with it! Thanks, Mandi, for passing it along to us!