“Education is an atmosphere.”
Charlotte Mason

I think I have a bit of a “teacher” in me. I have always been focused on my children’s ability to know their ABC’s and 123’s, along with many other educational tasks. This summer, however, seemed to do very little to further my children’s education. In fact, at times, I wondered if they were losing their knowledge as we spent many hours simply sitting and feeding their new baby bother. Unfortunately, many of these hours were spent watching movies, as it gave me the quiet that I needed to feed Titus and rest. The result of a summer out of routine has been unnecessary guilt on my part. I’ve worried that I’ve harmed them educationally, and I have been harsh with myself for not providing more opportunity for learning. 

God, in His goodness, allowed me to read the above quote from what some might call the “mother” of homeschooling. “Education is an atmosphere.” I began to realize that while my girls may not have learned anything earth-shattering about the alphabet or geography, they have learned this summer about the precious gift of a new life.

They have learned the unexplainable joy of welcoming a new baby into our family.

They have learned that new babies require nurture, love, patience, and gentleness.

They have learned how to lovingly cradle their brother in their arms and speak words of kindness to him.

As I watch them each day nurture their baby dolls as the play “house”, I realize just how much they really have learned this summer. The atmosphere of our home as we welcomed Titus has taught them lessons far more important than textbook material…lessons that I pray they will one day use as they get married and welcome their little blessings into the world.

The above quote has greatly challenged me, as well. What else is the atmosphere of our home teaching my children?

Are my words teaching them patience or frustration?

Is the music we listen to teaching them to sing praise to God Almighty?

Am I teaching them to praise the Lord in every circumstance, or am I grumbling and complaining?

Along with my children, I have much to learn. I pray that in the “classroom” of our home, we will all learn godly lessons that we’ll carry with us throughout our days.