What has the last 12 hours brought? Let’s see…

*Sleep from 10PM-Midnight and then 2:00 AM-3:30 AM

*Awakened at 3:30 AM to terrible thunderstorms and a little girl scared of the thunder

*The roof upstairs started to leak at 4:00 AM. Roofer coming tomorrow to see what’s wrong.

*Sleep from 4:30 AM until 6:00 AM

*Newborn baby photo shoot=EXHAUSTING!

*I was peed on ALL OVER during aforementioned photo shoot with my cute little naked baby. 🙂

*Informed that our debit card number was stolen and used to purchase over $300 worth of items in California. Nice…just what we needed this week.

*Errands galore in West Des Moines…when you only have two bottles to use with a newborn, a trip to Babies R Us was much needed. Picked up some infant probiotics to use in Titus’ bottles to hopefully help his little tummy that seems a bit upset.

*A little R&R with my girls watching re-runs of “Full House.” They love it, and I’m reliving my childhood! 🙂

Our first day with Tanner back at work was definitely busy! But, I’m so thankful for my AMAZING sister who used her day off to spend with us. Amanda, you’re such a blessing to us all!

Amidst the tiredness and emotions of having a new baby, I am full of gratitude for all God has given me. Lord, may I never loose sight of the amazing blessing that these children are to me…even when they use up every ounce of energy that I have! Thank you for blessings, both big and small.