Good News/Bad News at the doctor’s office today:

GOOD NEWS: Baby’s heart rate looked great, and he was moving around a lot! This was a big change from yesterday, as we had a bit of a scare with a really low heart rate and reduced movement.

BAD NEWS: I’m not getting induced tomorrow like we thought I would. 😦  Yesterday the doctors seemed to think that there would be medical reason for an induction Thursday or Friday…praise God everything is fine! But, the hospital is so full that they won’t take any inductions unless medically necessary. So, for now, we wait.

I’m having lots of contractions tonight, and was at 3 centimeters/60% effaced this afternoon. So, things are moving along…pray with us that this little man will make his appearance by week’s end!

I’m off to attempt a walk amidst some hard contractions. Maybe I can walk this baby out. Please don’t laugh at me if you see me waddling in your neighborhood!