A quick stop to Pier One today led to a fun conversation with an employee and another shopper.

Nadia was walking away from me, so I called her by name to come back and stand by me. The employee overheard me and said, “Did you just say Nadia? That’s the most beautiful name I’ve ever heard!”

This sweet comment led to her asking both my girls’ names, why we chose them, as well as asking about the name of our expected child. The other Pier One shopper joined the conversation, and before I knew it, I had an entire audience asking about my kids’ names! 🙂

So, I thought I’d blog tonight about the meaning of our children’s names. We chose them for very specific purposes, and we pray that they will each live up to the meanings of their names.

Jayda Marie

Nadia Grace Kay
“Hope, Grace, Rejoice”

Titus James
“Honorable Defender”

So, what’s in a name? I’d say A LOT! We chose BIG meanings for our kids’ names, and we have BIG prayers for the Lord to work in BIG ways in their lives!