It’s been a great day! I’m exhausted tonight, so I’ll probably just do a really quick post here.

Mom’s oncology appointment went very well. Her oncologist is super nice, and fully answered all our questions. Unfortunately, we are still waiting on results from an important test, so he was not able to give us definitive answers about her treatment plan. However, he was able to explain a lot more about her tumor and type of cancer. It can get very confusing, so suffice it to say that her oncologist seems very optimistic that she may not need chemotherapy!!!

The results from this other test will tell us for sure whether chemotherapy is needed, so continue to pray. We were super encouraged by his prognosis, however, and are very hopeful for good test results.

Thanks for your prayers!

Okay…I’m signing off to relax. Definitely feeling unusual pains tonight…could it be close to delivery time? I have no clue…I’ve never gone into labor without being induced before! I have an OB appointment tomorrow, so we shall see if there’s progress!