Good Morning!

It’s kinda killing me to not be at the hospital this morning with my mom. I have been there most of the time until late yesterday afternoon, and I am not able to go yet this morning. It is so hard for me to have my heart in two separate places at once…I need to be a momma to my girls, but I want to be there for my momma, too. It’s difficult.

We took the girls to visit my mom last night, and it was a good visit. Unfortunately, mom had a VERY adverse reaction to a pain medication they put through her IV, and we had to leave without saying goodbye. We were all quite scared when we left, as her physical symptoms were worrisome. Praise the Lord for a sister who is also a wonderful nurse, who assured us that this sometimes happens and that it would be okay. Thankfully, by the time we had arrived home, my sister called to say that the reaction had lessened, and she was feeling better. On top of that she was so exhausted last night, so I’m hoping that she was able to rest well overnight. Although, I know how very hard it is to actually rest in a hospital. 😦

The oncologist is supposed to see her today, and we are anxious to hear what his plans for treatment will be.  A HUGE praise from yesterday was that the pathology reports from her surgery came back, and all of the margins of tissue they extracted came back free of cancer cells!!!! We are hoping and praying so hard that this will mean chemotherapy is not necessary. Please pray with us that if it’s God’s will she will not need chemotherapy. Also, if you could…pray that it might work out so that the oncologist sees her while I’m there today. My dad and all of us siblings really want to be a part of that conversation, but I’m not able to get down to the hospital today until after lunchtime, and only able to stay for a few hours. I would be thrilled to be able to meet her oncologist and be a part of talking about her treatment plan. Hopefully that’s not a selfish prayer request…it would just encourage my heart to be able to feel a part of it. Again, it’s awfully hard to wear the many “hats” that I feel like I’m wearing right now, and I wish I could be in more than one place at a time.

As of yesterday, the plan was for mom to come home this afternoon/evening. Pray for a smooth transition home. I’ll keep you all updated as I know more.

Again, thank you for all of the prayers, love, and concern! May each of you feel God’s blessings today, just as we have felt them through you!