I meant to update you all sooner today, but the day has gotten away from me!

Thank you for the overwhelming response to my post about leaving comments, emails, ect. I printed off over 5 pages of comments to take to her this morning, and we were all so encouraged! My dad read them while Mom slept this morning, and then we read some of them to her during lunch. VERY encouraging to say the least…THANK YOU!

I arrived at the hospital this morning shortly after 6AM, and mom was not doing very well. Her level of nausea was very high, and I could tell that she was very uncomfortable. Thankfully, by the time I left around 1PM, we had seen a HUGE change and she was doing much better. I think they were able to regulate her medications just right so that she was able to feel less pain, eat some lunch, and actually get up and take a lap around the hallway!

Good news from the day…

1) Dr. Baker stopped in early this morning, and said she looked great! He assured her that the pain she’s experiencing is very normal, and I could tell it was a relief for her to hear that from him. It’s good for her to know that all is going well, and according to what he expected.

2) Mom was able to sit up in a chair for the first time, and she has regained a lot more color than she had yesterday.

3) She ate all her lunch, and didn’t feel sick! This is a big praise, as she was really having a hard time with appetite and nausea.

Prayer Requests…

1) A continued tolerance of the pain.

2) No more nausea.

3) Wisdom for the oncologist, as well as mom and our family, as we visit with him about further treatment. We believe he’ll come by tomorrow to talk with us.

I’m planning to head back down to the hospital early this evening, and I’ll write an update later if there’s anything new. Mom has been wanting to see Jayda and Nadia, and I’m hoping that it will be a fun and encouraging time for her. We even talked about taking nail polish to give “Nanny” a pedicure!! 🙂

Thank you all again for your love, prayers, and concern. We are so blessed!