8:45 PM

I’m sitting at our computer at home, reflecting on the days’ activities, and so very encouraged by the amount of comments I will be able to share with my mom in the morning! I shared a handful of them with her this afternoon, and they brought a smile to her face, as well as joy and peace to her heart. Thank you all!

Thank you for your prayers…mom’s pain was a bit more tolerable late this afternoon. While she’s still experiencing pain, it seems to be less, and we noticed she’s not using her pain pump as often. Praise God!

When I left at 6:30 this evening, mom was having a lot of trouble with nausea. Thankfully the medication they gave her helped right away, and she was doing better when I walked out of her room. Please pray that she will not experience that nausea again.

I was encouraged when I called a bit ago, as she had eaten a bit and was sitting up more in bed. She had even watched television for a while, so I knew she was feeling better!

You’ll have to pardon the randomness of this post…my mind is a bit foggy, and my heart is full. I was overwhelmed today by the power of love and prayer. We definitely FELT the love and prayers pouring from our friends and family, and it has sustained us.

As I sat holding my mom’s hand post-surgery, I was overcome by thankfulness for her. Have I always loved and been thankful for my mom? Of course! However, today brought a new outlook on just how much I love her. Today also brought a new meaning to “family ties.” Oh, how thankful I am that my parents, siblings, and myself are so very close. God has knit our family together in such a unique way over the years, and it was such a blessing today to see those ties.

I’m also reflecting on God’s love for His children. How often has He held my hand through trials, gazing at my face, and reflecting on how much He loves me? And so tonight, I place my gaze to the cross…thankful for God’s love, His faithfulness, His healing, and His grace.