It is 11:15, and we just spoke with the last of Mom’s two surgeons. Overall, good news!

Dr. Baker informed us that his part of the surgery went just as he had expected. Unfortunately, the cancer had spread to some of her lymph nodes. Although we were hoping that was not the case, the good news is that it had only affected the first layer of nodes. Apparently there are three layers of nodes, so it could have gone deeper…praise God it hadn’t!

We will meet with an oncologist before she is discharged, which will probably be on Wednesday. Hopefully then we will know more about the further treatment that will be needed. The surgeon said that she will most likely need some sort of chemotherapy, but we don’t know any details yet.

She is in recovery now, and we will be able to see her within the next couple hours.

Continue to pray for strength for her…both physically and emotionally.

I’m planning to print off all the comments that are left on my blog to bring to her when I come back tomorrow morning. Feel free to leave your comments…they will be a source of encouragement to her.

Thank you again from our entire family for your prayers and encouragement