Two WONDERFUL answers to prayers….

1) Tanner had thought, as I had mentioned in a previous post, that it would be impossible for him to get the day of my mom’s surgery off work. God has completely worked this out, and a very generous group of co-workers have tweaked schedules just so he can be with our kiddos that day. Huge blessing! One of his co-workers has been very personally impacted by cancer within his family, and he is being very generous with his time to be certain that Tanner is there for us that day.

2) 34 week ultrasound today revealed a VERY healthy baby boy!! Many of you know that they’re watching my amniotic fluid level, as it was very low during my pregnancies with the girls. The levels are based on a number scale, with anything lower than 7 considered troublesome. My levels with the girls were usually at 5 or 6 at the most….today, my levels measured a whopping 15!!!!! Three times higher than it was with the girls!!!! He’s measuring right at 5 pounds, and my doctor has no further testing scheduled. He actually labeled me as a “normal OB patient” today…that’s something I wasn’t sure I’d ever hear!

These two things were so encouraging today, and I am so thankful! Thanks for your prayers!!