I kinda feel as if I should apologize for my post yesterday. It was not meant to be a “poor me” post, nor was I intending to complain. I just wanted to share what was on my heart, and keep track of my thoughts and feelings through this whole process. Honestly, those dark feelings and thoughts have not lasted long, and I am so grateful for how God is shaping and molding me as He holds me in His clutch.

All of your comments, messages, and phone calls have been so encouraging! Thank you from myself and my family for your continued prayers.

Now, in other news…

I am 36 weeks pregnant! Some of you have asked, so here we go…a picture:

I have another ultrasound tomorrow to check on the size of this baby, and to make sure that my amniotic fluid is not too low as it was with the girls. So far, though, this pregnancy has been so very different and I’m feeling GIGANTIC…I’m assuming that means he’s growing just fine! 🙂

As of tomorrow, we will have a Kindergarten graduate! This year has flown by, and we’ve been so pleased with the progress Jayda has made. She’s a great student, and we’ve been blessed that her teacher is fantastic! Last week was my birthday, and Nadia and I spent the day celebrating at the mall. That girl was born to shop!! It’s a bit scary how much she adores shopping! Here we are after spending almost an hour in Claire’s picking out new earrings and headbands for us both. We had to model them:So thankful for the blessings God provides, even amidst the storms sometimes!