28 weeks pregnant today…third trimester already!!

With that excitement came apprehension, as the third trimester with both Jayda and Nadia were somewhat scary. Both pregnancies were watched extremely closely due to complications, and I was told with this pregnancy that “close eye” would begin at 28 weeks…today.

Excitement and nerves filled the air as we walked into the 9AM ultrasound this morning. The ultrasound was to be the first of what was expected to be bi-weekly ultrasounds to check the level of amniotic fluid. This morning’s ultrasound was also to check the location of my placenta, as it was too low-lying during the last ultrasound, which can cause some fairly large complications, as well.

A brief background for those who don’t know…I had very low amniotic fluid levels with both Jayda and Nadia. The levels got so low that they stopped growing in-utero and I had to be induced a month early. Praise God they were born healthy…tiny, but healthy! When a baby completely stops growing while in the womb, the chance of stillbirth skyrockets. It’s much safer at that point to induce labor early.

We have been praying and praying that things would progress differently with this pregnancy, and we received fantastic news during the ultrasound this morning. My placenta has moved upward and is no longer a concern for complications! And, the big news of the day is how GREAT everything else looked. My fluid levels today are DOUBLE what they were when I was pregnant with the girls, and this “little” guy isn’t looking so little. He’s measuring a full week and a half further along, and weighs about a pound MORE than the average baby at this stage in pregnancy! Great news? Yes! A little scary that I might give birth to a 10-pounder? Yes! I’ve given birth to 5 pound babies, and Titus is already measuring 3 pounds and 1 ounce with 12 weeks to go! We never expected news this great!

We are so thankful that God has heard and answered our prayer for a healthy baby boy. As it stands now, my doctor doesn’t want to run another ultrasound for another 6 weeks! I give the credit and the glory completely to the Lord for allowing this little boy to grow and thrive so far. On top of that, I’m so thankful that God has led me to doing things differently (as far as vitamins, supplements, herbal use, nutrition, ect.) with this pregnancy, which I think has played a huge part in the growth of our little man.

Thanks to all of you who have been praying for Baby Tiutus, as well. Keep it up! šŸ™‚