I decided to take the night off from cooking last night, and we treated ourselves to dinner at Noodle Zoo…after all, kids eat FREE on Thursdays, so why not?! šŸ™‚

What started out as a nice supper quickly turned sour when Jayda promptly told us she was going to throw up.

I ran her to the bathroom, and she was obviously in pain…but thankfully no puke!

Back at the table she was still looking miserable, so Tanner left his unfinished dinner to take her to the car. Upon packing up the rest of our supper in styrofoam boxes and paying the bill, I met them at the car.

Thankfully, she was doing better once she got some fresh air. What she then told me was too sweet not to blog about…

“Mom, going out to eat is okay and everything…but, I really just like your cooking better, and it never gives me a tummy ache.”

Thank you, dear Jayda! I love to cook for you, and I love that you enjoy it even more than eating out! I’ll ALWAYS cook for you, and I hope you always like it this much!