Remember the song from DC Talk….Time Is Tickin’? That’s the song in my head tonight as I realize it’s been one month plus a day since I’ve blogged! Time sure does fly!

Honestly, not a lot to blog about tonight…just wanted to get back into the habit. 🙂

We’re pluggin’ away over here at the Archer household. It could be spring cleaning “fever,” or nesting instincts, or a bit of both…but, whatever it is has made me one busy little beaver! Slowly but surely things are getting crossed off of my “To Do Before Baby Comes” list. It’s a bummer though that as soon as one is crossed off, I seem to come up with another item to add!

We are having so much fun preparing for little Titus to join our family. Jayda and Nadia have both felt him kick, and they’re in awe of it! Such precious times to see their excitement about their little brother. He seems to be growing well, as my belly certainly shows! A little more work to do in his room, and I promise I’ll post pictures soon. We are loving the way it’s turning out!

Blessings to all, and I’ll plan to blog more soon!