How can six years go so quickly?









After a somewhat complicated pregnancy including many weeks of bed-rest, our beautiful 5 pound, 13-ounce Jayda Marie joined us at 11:34 AM on Valentine’s Day! What an incredible gift to receive on the day that celebrates love. Jayda, I was in love with you the moment I found out you were growing within me…and, what an incredible feeling to hold you in my arms for the first time!

Nobody could have told me that parenting you, Jayda, would bring as many emotions as it has. God has used you in incredible ways to teach me. I thought I’d be the one teaching you…but, in reality, you’ve taught me far more!



















There are endless amounts of things I could say about you, Jayda. Like how I love the several beautiful shades of your green eyes; how you see the world through those eyes; how you laugh so hard you cry; how your heart seems to be tender to those in need. I’m thankful for the young lady you’re becoming, and I pray for God to continue to shape and mold your heart. Follow Him all the days of your life, my dear. Know that mommy and daddy love you immensely, and that God loves you even more. We pray for you each day, and cannot wait to continue this journey with you. You have blessed us, and we are honored to be your parents!