Today was filled with an unexpected appointment, as well as unexpected news!

First, a little explanation.

Tanner and I spent the weekend in Minneapolis. We did lots of shopping (I LOVE IKEA!!!), and did tons of walking. Throughout the days on Saturday and Sunday I kept feeling an enormous amount of pressure that I knew I had felt when I was pregnant with Nadia. However, it started MUCH later in my pregnancy with her. I was pretty uncomfortable all weekend, and decided this morning to call my doctor to just make certain that it’s nothing that should be of concern.

To my surprise, she felt it was necessary to do an ultrasound this afternoon. She assured me that she was “playing it safe,” but that this type of pressure could be indicative of pre-term labor.Β  So, obviously we needed to be certain that everything was A-Okay.

Tanner came home from work to stay with the napping kiddos here, and I nervously drove to the radiology clinic here in Ankeny. The initial ultrasound was not of the baby, but rather of a lot of other “things.” (I’ll spare you the details!) I was THRILLED to hear that everything looked great, and there was no longer any concern of pre-term labor!!! I was also THRILLED when the ultrasound technician asked if I had time for her to look at the baby with another type of ultrasound….um, yes please!! πŸ™‚ Here are some of the photos. Super sorry for the bad quality…we don’t have a scanner, so these are attempted with just taking a picture of the picture on our camera. Lame, I know!

This baby was seriously almost folded in half!! It was moving around like crazy, and even did a backward flip!

Here's a shot of the little peanut's hand over it's head. I LOVE tiny baby fingers!!!

Oh, the relief I felt when I saw that little one moving around, hearing it’s heartbeat, and knowing that all looked great!!! As if that didn’t make me happy enough, she asked if I’d like to know the gender of the baby!!! YES!! Are you kidding me?!?!? YES!!!

So, here’s the news. We are having a………………………


Poor little guy...I feel like I'm totally invading his privacy by posting this picture! It was completely obvious that we'll be snuggling a little BOY in a few months!!

I was SHOCKED to hear that this little one is a boy! I was so certain that it was another girl. We are SO excited, and so thankful that he looks healthy.

Another funny thing…the ultrasound technician commented on what a tiny button nose he has. Go back up and look at the third picture I posted…you can see what a cute little nose he has! The funny thing is that we had different ultrasound technicians with each of the girls, too, and they also commented on our girls’ tiny button noses. Sure enough, they did have itty bitty ADORABLE noses when they were born! πŸ™‚

My mind is spinning tonight as I contemplate raising a son, and by heart is so full of gratitude and love. We are nearly certain that we’ll name our little man Titus James. “Titus” and “James” are both incredible books of the Bible, and we really desire our kids’ names to have deep, spiritual meaning. We could call him Titus, Ty, or T.J….we like them all! πŸ™‚ Obviously, we still have lots of time to contemplate his name, but as of now, this is the one we’re lovin’!

I’m off to contemplate how I want to decorate my little boys’ nursery. I’ve got lots of ideas, and I’m so anxious to get started!!