Sometimes I wonder if this beautiful little girl ever listens to me. Seriously, she is the most active little girl I’ve ever met, and I often wonder if she listens to me amidst her busyness. More often than not she has to be told more than once to do something, and to be honest, it gets very frustrating!

Many times I have wondered if she has retained any of the Biblical teaching we’ve tried to incorporate in our daily activities. While I want her to know her ABC’s and 123’s, I’m much more concerned with wanting to be sure she understands the Good News of the Gospel and God’s love for her.

Last week I learned that despite my wondering, she really is listening! She ran up to me with such JOY in her voice and on her face, and this is the conversation that ensued…

Nadia-“Mommy!! Guess What?!?! Tanner (the little boy I babysit for) just saved Jesus!!!”

Me-“Really? What do you mean?”

Nadia-“He just said he wants Jesus to come into his heart and save his sins!!”

She proceeded to wrap her arms around him and give him a huge hug, all the while smiling as big as she could! I so wish I could have heard the conversation between the two of them that proceeded her “announcement” to me. 🙂 Now, I don’t really think she fully understands everything about the Gospel yet, but it was the first sign in a long time that she’s actually listening and processing what we talk about. I was, needless to say, encouraged! Thank you, Lord!