True story that happened today…

An older man at WalMart was ringing up our groceries. (side note: I can only imagine the amount of germs on his hands from checking out groceries, taking people’s money, ect.)

Said man proceeds to blow his nose while checking out our groceries…no hand sanitizer or anything used after the nose blowing.

The man picks up our bag of grapes to ring them up. (another side note…man now has previous germs as well as nose-blowing germs on his hands.) The man looks at my kids, looks at the grapes, and proceeds to tell them that they need to eat one because they’re so healthy for them.

To my horror, he opens my bag of grapes, plucks two from the vine, rubs them together in his hands to “get the germs off,” and hands them to my children to eat!!!!

I couldn’t believe it…was this seriously happening?! Did the WalMart man seriously just open my food with his germ-laden hands to serve the food to my children?!

I held back the somewhat nasty words that I wanted to use. Instead, I smiled politely as I took the grapes from my children, quietly tucked them in my coat pocket, found the nearest garbage can, and tossed them immediately.

Lesson learned…WalMart is fine for some items. Not so sure I’ll ever purchase grapes there again! 🙂