I had my first ultrasound this morning…I forgot how amazing it is to see a little baby for the first time!

And yes, there is only ONE baby…we’re breathing a little easier now! 🙂

At only 8 weeks old, our baby looks more like a bean than a baby. So, I’m lovingly referring to him/her as my “little bean.” Here’s your first look at Baby Bean Archer:

Jayda thought it was SO cool that the black spot on the head is our baby’s brain. I loved seeing the twinkle in her eye when she saw the pictures for the first time! We all think it’s amazing that we got a picture of our baby that is only 1.6 centimeters long…the size of the end of your pinky finger!

Thank you, Lord, for another miracle of life in our family! Protect this baby, keep him or her healthy, and lead us along this journey in a way that brings you honor and glory. What an awesome God we serve!