July 6th, 2011

What’s so special about this day?

That’s the day our new baby is expected to arrive!!!!

We are SO excited, and cannot wait to begin this new chapter of our lives. The girls are thrilled, and Nadia is convinced it’s twins…YIKES!! Seeing as how multiple births are in my family, it’s definitely possible. My dad is a twin, and my great-grandmother had a set of twins and triplets!  I have my first ultrasound on November 23rd, so we’ll find out for sure if Nadia’s wishes will become reality or not!

We’d covet your prayers as this little one grows. I had complications with both Jayda and Nadia, and we are really praying that this baby will not have those same troubles. God is good, and we’re trusting Him fully.

So, let’s take a pole…how many of you think it’s another girl? Boy? Twins? 🙂