I celebrated this crisp, Fall morning with whole-wheat pumpkin pancakes, a tall cup ‘o joe, and giggles with my girls. Love it!!!!

I love Fall. It is by FAR my favorite season, and I wish it could last forever!

Jayda in all her farm-lovin' glory!

Not sure if Daddy wants to be a farmer, though. 🙂

Here’s a blog post that spoke to my heart today. It was a good reminder to me to find the glorious in the mundane; the diamond in the ruff; the pure joy of being called Mama.

How To Find The Moment

Adults and children rarely live in the same space.
They may occupy the same home, room or car. But they live in vastly different spaces.

Children live in the moment.
They find intense joy and deep pain in every little thing. A pretty flower. A firetruck. An icecream cone. Bubbles.

With each passing year, adults seem to lose the gift of living in the moment.
We live in the future or the past. In worry or regret.

And the more we live outside of The Moment, the less we connect with our children.
We hurry them. We ignore them. We put them off.

Today I’m going to hold my children’s hands and choose to live in “The Moment.”