If you’ve never visited the following blog, I’d encourage you to do so…


The writer of this blog has an AMAZING way of using words to describe her passionate walk with the Lord, as well as the deep love she feels for her husband and children. I’ve been reading her blog off and on for a while, and was encouraged to take her challenge that she calls the “Gratitude Community.”

Back in 2003 she created a challenge for herself to physically list 1,000 gifts: items, events, people, and/or things for which she is thankful. She was amazed at the change is wrought in her heart, and I was encouraged to try the same.

Am I grateful for all the Lord has done for me? Certainly. Do I think about it enough or express my thanks to Him as I should? Most likely not. So, I’m beginning today…physically listing 1,000 things for which I’m thankful. Not only do I want to list them…I want that list to overflow my heart with thanksgiving and gratitude! I’m not sure if I’ll blog about them all, or if I’ll keep a written journal of some of them…we’ll see where this path takes me. But, for tonight, here’s the start of my list.

#1) nighttime giggles with my girls

#2) a walk with my family on this hot and humid night

#3) two young girls who LOVE to hear Bible stories. I love that they never question it…which is why I’m grateful for #4

#4) childlike faith

#5) a fantastic new recipe for supper-everyone loved it!

#6) the twinkle in Tanner’s eye when he plays with Jayda and Nadia

#7) grace, mercy, and strength that is new every morning

#8) air conditioning

#9) imagining what my kids are thinking/imagining when they’re deep in play-time

#10) wonderful family