Three years ago, I looked like this…Three years ago, we woke Jayda up at an insanely hour of the morning to take her to Grandma’s…it was to the hospital we went for the birth of our second baby girl. After a LONG day and an epidural that DID NOT work 😦 we welcomed Nadia Grace Kay Archer into the world…all five pounds, seven ounces of her. After a complicated pregnancy with lots of worry about her health, we were THRILLED to hear that although tiny, she was perfectly healthy. Praise God! Nadia, we are so grateful for your little life! You have brought so much joy to our family, and we thank the Lord for you. You tend to bring a smile to our faces no matter what you say-you are such a little comedian! 🙂 You are more strong-willed than I ever knew a child could be, but your daddy and I are praying that God will use that strong personality to accomplish great things for Him as you grow. Follow Jesus, my Little Peanut. Never take your eyes off of Him, and love Him with all your heart. We are so excited to see what God has planned for you! We love you!