Wow-the summer is flying by!

I was reminded today how much fun my two little munchkins are! We spent three hours at the pool today, and I forgot how much I love little girls who are swim-suit clad, sunblock smeared, and giggling without a care in the world. It was refreshing to take in their care-free attitudes, and to be reminded of how very blessed I am to be able to stay at home with them each and every day.

Things are going well around our house. My brother is getting married three weeks from tomorrow, and we’re all excited! Jayda and Nadia will be the flower girls, Tanner is a groomsman, and I’m singing. I’m hoping the girls do well as flower girls. Jayda will do great (she’s been a flower girl before)…it’s Nadia I keep wondering about. She’ll look adorable, and she’s super excited. The problem is she just doesn’t understand what she’s supposed to do. She’s already asked if it’s okay if she throws the flowers AT the people! Oh-boy! 🙂

Happy Summer, Everyone! I thought I’d just post some pictures of the last few weeks….enjoy! 🙂

Jayda went fishing with her Great-Grandpa, and LOVED it! They caught 19 fish, and she loved watching him clean them-yuck! We said she needs to marry a man someday who lives on a farm-so she can ride horses, fish, and take care of the animals all day! 🙂

Nadia loves the tiny baby kittens at the farm where Jayda rides horses each week. She kept asking if we could take it home!

We are the proud parents of a preschool graduate!