It’s been a while since I’ve blogged…things have been a little busy.  In the last week we have managed to…

-obtain and relinquish a dog (much to our dismay)

-welcome a beautiful new little niece into the world…we love you, Avery Sophia! 🙂

-Clean up both vomit and diarrhea from Nadia…oh, the joys of sick kiddos!

-begin the process of re-financing our home mortgage

-find out at the dentist that Nadia will most likely need some major orthodontist work when she’s a little older….we should probably start saving money now!

Over the last week or so, I had begun to feel overwhelmed with the amount of things on our plate. I hadn’t slept much, and everything started to seem like a huge deal. Then I started to go into “turbo mode” as I call it…”I can do this…I am super-woman!” Such a prideful, arrogant attitude.

Then I read an article in a Focus on the Family magazine. I wanted to blog about it, so that I will always have record of the impact this article had on my attitude. The article talked about motherhood and multi-tasking. I’ve always considered myself a multi-tasker, and thought it was a good thing…little did I realize how much my multi-task attitude carried over into my spiritual life as well (and not necessarily in a good way). Here’s what I read:

The world of motherhood is one of perpetual motion. Calendars with no blank days. ‘To do” lists that do not end. Spring cleaning that runs deep into August. But multitasking isn’t just a solution for improved productivity; it’s a value statement that says more is always better and quiet times are unproductive times.

I suspect that God couldn’t agree less. The Bible does not say, “He leadeth me in the path of astounding productivity and dizzying accomplishment whereby Hi is exceedinlgly impressed.”  No, God wants us to lie down in green pastures, and He wants to lead us beside still waters to restore our souls.

I was so convicted…when was the last time I laid aside my multi-tasking to (as the author called it) “monotask?” To focus my heart on ONE thing at a time, and thoroughly enjoy that ONE thing…whether it be my husband, children, or time with my Lord, I desperately want to focus all of my energy on the important things in life.

So, while there will always be dirty dishes to wash, projects to finish, and a myriad of other things in my life, may I always quiet my heart before my God and seek first His Kingdom (Matthew 6:33).