Is it possible to have that same “nesting instinct” even when you’re not pregnant? Is it possible to have the “nesting instinct” simply because you’re getting ready to welcome a dog into your family? Crazy, I know…but that’s how I’ve been this last week!

On the list of on-going projects:

-Paint spare bedroom (where our new dog may sleep at first)

-Paint the bookshelf in the spare bedroom.

-Paint the baby changing table in the spare bedroom…because it has to match the newly painted bookshelf, of course!

-Hang curtains and roman shades (HUGE thank you to Tony for doing this for us!)

-Rip out the carpet in Jayda’s bedroom; paint her trim-work; paint her new desk; paint her nightstand; paint her bookshelves;

-Find time to rip out the carpet in the other bedrooms, too.

-Paint all the ugly trim on our tip floor…it will look so much nicer as a creamy-white instead of the nasty brown color it is now!

-Clean all windows in the house because I can hardly even see out of some of them!

-Purchase new dehumidifier for basement…anyone have one they want to sell?!

-Design and implement new landscape for the front of our house…seriously, the front of our house looks terrible right now!

-Purchase a storage shed for the backyard so we can turn the current shed into a playhouse for the kids.

Okay, enough is enough…but trust me, there’s plenty more I could add to the list! And yet, I’m sitting here blogging about it instead of actually doing it all!! πŸ™‚

All in all, I need to chill and realize that my life cannot and should not be mastered by my to-do lists that never seem to end. My life should be mastered by my Lord and King, and everything I do should bring honor and glory to His Name. So, I hope to paint to my hearts’ delight, and to do it happily as unto the Lord!