We are preparing to add a fifth member to our family…Dodger the Border Collie!!

His owners brought him to Ankeny from the Quad Cities yesterday. We spent two hours playing frisbee, throwing sticks for him to fetch, and asking tons of questions about this amazing dog. We fell in love with him instantly!

We were so impressed by the amount of time his owners have spent training him in his short life…for a dog who is not quite a year old, he is amazing! I’ve never seen a dog run so fast to catch a frisbee, nor have I ever seen a dog who loves the frisbee so much! He is extremely obedient, and knows tons of commands and tricks. The girls got along with him really well, and loved giving him treats after doing his many tricks. We had a lot of fun with him!

His owners sent us an email last night letting us know that they thought we’d be perfect for Dodger, and that they’d be happy if we’d give him a new home. There was lots of excitement around here this morning when we told the girls!

Sounds like it will be two or three weeks before he gets to come live with us. We’d like to have him now, but it’s nice to have some time to finish up a few projects and get ready for him. We’re excited! We’ll be sure to post pictures when he comes.