You know the song…How much is that doggy in the window…well, last night we were singing “how much is that doggy on Craigslist.” 🙂

We may have just found the perfect dog for our family, and he’s coming to visit on Saturday!

His name is Dodger. He’s an 11-month old smooth-coated Border Collie, and we think he looks pretty great!

His current owners found him abandoned in a dumpster in IA City at 8 weeks of age. They took him in, loved him, and have raised him to be what appears to be a really smart and well-behaved dog. They both work and are attending grad school, so they have regretfully decided that they need to find a new home for him as they do not have the time to devote to him.

Here are the pictures of him from Craigslist.

They also sent us a video of him doing some tricks…what a smart dog he is! Jayda is more than excited to teach him new tricks, and she’s already making a list of the ones she thinks he needs to learn.

So, Saturday is the day…they’re coming to visit and see if they think we’d be a good fit for Dodger. If so, we’d probably get him within the next two to three weeks. We’re SO excited, and we really hope this is the dog for us!! We’ll keep you posted. 🙂