The Spring Cleaning Bug bit me this week…it must have been a bad bite, because I’m really itching to clean, clean, clean, and organize, organize, organize.

Yesterday I organized our extra bedroom…it is currently sitting empty, with the crib and rocking chair still there, waiting for another new baby to come along and use them…some day. 🙂

The carpet in that room is horribly old and dirty, and it desperately needs to be replaced. On a whim, I decided to pull up a corner of the carpet and see what is underneath. To my complete surprise, there are B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L hardwood floors underneath!!! I felt like a little girl on Christmas morning…seriously, I was giddy with excitement. I LOVE hardwood floors!

Tanner (bless his heart) must have known that I would probably pull up all the carpet on my own today, and happily offered to do it last night. While most couples were heading to bed, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work! We got all the carpet and pad pulled up, and most of the carpet tacks removed. Here’s what we found:

They are in gorgeous condition, with just a few nail holes from the carpet tacks that need to be filled. I’m so excited to paint this room, and see what a transformation it will be!

Of course I had to pull up the corner of the carpet in the rest of the three bedrooms upstairs, and it looks like the hardwood is in the rest of them, too! I didn’t really need another home improvement project, but I’m oh so excited about this one!! Hopefully within the next few weeks we’ll be able to say bye-bye to all the carpet upstairs! 🙂