I LOVE being a Mommy!

Through various circumstances over the last few days, I’ve been powerfully reminded how much I adore my children! They are gifts from the Lord, and I just wanted to journal my thoughts today.

Jayda-You are growing up before my very eyes! I took you to the elementary school on Monday to have your Student ID picture taken for this Fall. I cannot believe you’ll be in kindergarten! I love that you are so excited to go to school, and I see a desire to learn within your eyes. I am so anxious for you to learn academically at school, but what thrills my heart even more is your desire to learn Biblical truths…you love reading your Bible with Daddy at night, and you never cease to amaze me at the information that you retain. Continue lovin’ the Lord, Jayda…I see you turning into a beautiful young lady, and I am thrilled!

Nadia-You keep me on my toes!! You are turning into such a big girl! Sometimes it makes me sad that you’re not by baby anymore, but then I realize how much I love watching you grow and learn. There is nothing that stops you, little one…you are the most determined young lady I have ever seen. Sometimes your independence and strong will cause so much joy, and sometimes it causes mommy some frustration! 🙂 Daddy and I love your personality so very much, and you have brought so much laughter and joy to our household! I love watching you learn about Jesus and His love for you, and I pray that one day you’ll see your need for His wonderful gift of salvation. You love to sing “Amazing Grace” and “How Great is Our God,” and it thrills my heart…keep singin’ His praises!

I love you, girls!

Love always,