Wow! It’s been a while since my last post. Seems like things start to slow down, and then someone hits the fast forward button, and before I know it, time is racing by again!

We almost bought a dog last week…it’s a really long story, so I’ll give you the short of it:

*Fell in love with a dog at the ARL named Jackson…part golden retriever, part black lab, and part newfoundland. He was gorgeous, and absolutely wonderful with the kids!

*Took forever to decide that we did indeed want him, but finally decided he was perfect for our family.

*Loaded up the kids to go to the ARL to adopt him.

*Walked into the ARL…only to find that another family had just begun the adoption process with Jackson! 😦

*Walked out of the ARL with two very sad and disappointed little girls.

We were all sad about it, but realize that it just wasn’t meant to be. Now we have to decide if we continue to look for a dog or just wait a while…we just kinda stumbled upon Jackson, and weren’t necessarily looking for a dog right now. If the “perfect dog” were to come along again, I’m sure we’d look pretty seriously. Keep us posted if you know of any “perfect dogs” for our family! 🙂

The pastor’s offices at church are finally DONE! They look great, and it’s good to hear that the pastors are enjoying them. Re-doing their offices was a challenge for me as I’d never re-done anyone else’s space before…it ended up being a really fun (albeit time-consuming) project, and I learned a lot. It was great to use my love of decorating as a ministry to our pastors!

My obsession with decorating continues around here…we’re still working on putting the finishing touches on our family room re-do. We have a couple more things to hang on the walls, and Tanner needs to hide the five thousand (okay, I exaggerate!) computer and TV wires that are hanging out everywhere. Once that’s done, I’ll post pictures.

Okay, now to what’s on my mind today…I have been thinking a lot about my need and desire to change my family’s diet and nutrition. For those of you who know me well, a couple years ago I was a freak about my family’s nutrition. I ordered food from an organic co-op, bought all organic produce, made everything homemade, and rarely (if ever) let my kids eat fast food. While some people made fun of it, I felt so healthy and I could tell that my girls did, too.

Fast forward two years to today…my kids have eaten fast food twice in the last week, and during my grocery shopping last week a bag of Doritos, cheese balls, and a box of chocolate cookies somehow landed in my cart! Not only did they somehow get in my cart, but they ended up getting purchased, brought home, and somehow I rationalized putting them on my kids plates!

Okay, so maybe I’m being a little dramatic here…:-)

But, seriously, I’ve been recognizing how much I’ve slacked in this area, and how much I need to re-direct my family’s eating habits. Why am I posting this on my blog for all of you to read?! Because I’m hoping that it provides accountability!

In two weeks, Tanner and I are going to begin a healthy living course offered through his employer. I’m hoping it will give me some good advice and the motivation I need to over-haul our eating habits.

I’m also going to start a meal plan in my new “homemaker binder”….yes, I seriously bought a 3-ring binder to try and keep track of all the information that floats through my head all day long. Yes, I completely realize how dorky I am, but I’m cool with that! 🙂 My mom said it best when she said, “Emily, your brain just never stops, does it?!” If anyone else does weekly or monthly meal plans, send me some helpful tips.

Maybe it’s Spring cleaning fever, maybe it’s a “nesting instinct” (even though I’m not pregnant), or maybe it’s just my Type A/OCD personality, but I’m just wanting to get ORGANIZED lately. So, I’m off to work on my new ever-so-nerdy 3ring binder! Have a good one! 🙂