I know what some of you are thinking from the title of my blog post…no, I’m not pregnant!  (not yet, anyway!) 🙂

But, we have considered a different kind of addition to our family for quite some time…a furry four-legged addition. Our girls LOVE animals of all kinds, especially dogs, and we go back and forth as to whether we should get them a puppy or not.

Last night Tanner and I rented “Hachi, A Dog’s Tale,” from the Redbox. The movie, based on the true story, is about an amazing Akita dog who met his owner at the train station at 5PM every single evening for several years. Sadly, his owner passed away while at work one day, and never returned on the train. This amazing dog continued to wait at the train station EVERY day for TEN years following the death of his owner! I’ll admit that I cried like a baby during the movie…have plenty of kleenex with you if you plan to rent it!

I have always loved dogs, but Tanner has not always been so fond of them. He has always said, however, that he would love to get an Akita if we were to ever get a dog…in fact, that’s about the only type of dog that he’ll even consider. There’s something about them that he really likes, and I think they’re beautiful! How can you not think they are….check out these pictures!

Is that not the cutest puppy ever?!


Here’s the predicament…Akitas are not all that common, and we haven’t heard a lot of opinions about them. The books we’ve read about them have said they make excellent family dogs; however, the few people we have talked with have said they wouldn’t recommend them for a home with children.

So, I’m hoping that some of you reading this can tell us if you have any experience with Akitas, or know of anyone who has.  We’re specifically interested in knowing how they interact with children as a family dog…we’ve heard mixed opinions about it. I’ve always struggled with knowing if a trait of a breed should keep someone from buying one…for instance, Rottweilers get a bad rap for being vicious and unfriendly; however, we have a friend who knows of a Rottweiler that is used as a hospital therapy dog. Pitbulls are not so popular amongst families, but I once met the sweetest, most friendly pitbull ever.

Anyhoo…those are just my thoughts for the day. Will the Archer household soon see a puppy?? Time will tell…

Hope you’re all having a great weekend! I’m enjoying a quiet afternoon and looking forward to pizza and a movie playdate with my friend and her kiddos tonight. Enjoy your weekends!