My mother always told me that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. She also told me that nothing in life is free.  I usually agree with her, but yesterday proved otherwise…

Two weeks ago on my favorite coupon/money saving blog, there was a link for  free “Busy Mom’s Bible” from Zondervan Publishers. I clicked on the link, assuming it was probably a scam. Surprisingly, it looked legit; however, I still was not convinced. Skeptically, I filled out the form with my name and address, and hit submit…never fully expecting to get a free Bible.

To my surprise, what was in the mailbox yesterday? Yep, a totally FREE copy of Zondervan’s  NIV Busy Mom’s Bible. It’s so pretty with it’s two-toned pink leather cover, and I love that it’s geared toward my life as a busy mom. There are 52 “thought-starters” that guide the reader to a specific area to read that corresponds to the theme of that week. I’ll plan to focus on one of the themes each week for the next year, and I’m excited to see how it helps to guide my time in the Word of God.

On top of the free Bible, Zondervan is giving away a personal assistant’s service for a year-totally free and complementary to the winner! Do you know how awesome it would be if I had a personal assistant?! 🙂 I used to be a personal assistant for an ISU staff member…I know how nice it would be to have one!

Anyway, all I had to do was post a review of the Busy Mom’s Bible on my blog, send a link to Zondervan, and cross my fingers. 🙂 I don’t know that I’m able to fully review the Bible since I’ve only used it for two days, but so far, I’d recommend it. Thank you, Zondervan, for making such a good resource for those of us who fit the category of “busy mom!”

What am I learning lately? Sometimes things in life are FREE…you just have to search for them. I scored 16 free cartons of yogurt at Target last week, and almost-free boxes of Cheerios at WalMart tonight.

I think tomorrow morning I’ll eat a bowl of FREE Cheerios, eat a carton of FREE yogurt, and ready from my FREE Bible….great way to start the day!

Anyone else score anything good for FREE this week? I’d love to hear it!