I wish that I could keep going and going like the Energizer Bunny…this week is going to require some major energy!

On the “to do” list for the week:

-shop for and replace furniture in two of the pastors’ offices at church…and nothing is ever as easy as a one-stop-shop…my trips include Homemakers, the Altoona WalMart (because the Ankeny one is out of what I need), Pier One, Target, and IKEA in Minneapolis this weekend.

-re-decorate the pastors’ offices at church

-finish our family room makeover that I foolishly started this weekend…should never have started that amidst two other office makeovers on my list! Pictures to come soon…

-Childcare…which I just found out includes one of my kindergartner’s who had a fairly serious head wound over the weekend and will need some extra TLC this week.

-Make a major decision about childcare for next year…just found out that parents of the toddler I watch are expecting TWINS, and they want me to watch all THREE kiddos next school year!

-Sadly, say goodbye to my dear friend Amy and her family as they make their move to Wisconsin this weekend. I really hate goodbyes, and this will definitely be the hardest thing this week. 😦

Probably not going to be doing a lot of blogging this week. So, until later-may the force be with me! πŸ™‚