Are you ever amazed at the little things that make your heart soar?

Take, for instance, my trip to TJ Max yesterday.  Didn’t necessarily start out as a heart-soaring experience, let me tell you…I walk in with two 2-year olds, both struggling to “hold it” as they’re running through the store saying they have to “potty.” We finally make it to the bathroom, which happens to be filthy dirty and crowded. Helping my little babysitting boy go to the bathroom, Nadia begins this crazy conversation (in her VERY loud and high-pitched voice) about “why girls not have to stand up and hold their bottom while they pee, Mommy?” Yeah…I’m hearing chuckles from other ladies in the restroom as I try to satisfy her with a simple answer. Nothing about Nadia is simple, but that’s why I love her so much! “Mommy, I gonna stand up to pee, too!”

We make it out of the bathroom, finally, only to have to chase the kids around as they excitedly explore all the treasures they’re seeing in the store. Just as I’m beginning to wonder why I ever had the crazy idea to bring them both to TJ Max, I turn around and see something that I have wanted ever since we re-did our kitchen…I saw these nesting herb crates on my favorite website, and I wanted them so badly for my kitchen.

Having no clue where the author of the blog got them, I figured I’d never own a set. I couldn’t believe it when I saw them at the store! I grabbed them as quick as I could, not even paying attention to the price tag (SO unlike me) and got to the the cashier and out the door before either child destroyed anything! On the way out the door Nadia looks at me and says, “Mommy, this is a fun day!”

I needed her reminder that even though I was stressed after wrestling both toddlers through the store, she had a great time just hanging out with Mommy. I was more focused on my fabulous find (which I am truly excited about!) than I was on the time I was spending with my daughter. Embarrassing bathroom question and all, it really was a fun day…her sweet comment and my unexpected bargain did make my heart soar (I know, it doesn’t take much these days!) 🙂

Don’t these faces make your heart soar, too?!